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It's everything you've come to love from DramaWorks' Camps and Workshops but this time even bigger and better than before. Students will have the opportunity to step up their game and perform in a full musical along side their peers in this 9 week performance intensive. 


With 21 featured roles and a solo for each of our 11 ensemble members, every student has the opportunity to find their voice on stage. Building on the skill sets we have learned through our educational workshops, students will put their knowledge, talents and love for the theater to the test as they perform the family favorite, The Music Man Jr., for family and friends. 

As with all of our workshop programs, our aim is to teach your students the important and necessary skills to succeed on stage. This workshop gives them the applicational opportunities to test their knowledge, grow their passion and shine in their favorite sport.   

Who can participate? 

The DramaWorks Performance Workshop is for advanced performance students in 5th -8th grade. Prior participation in one of the many DramaWorks programs is recommended but not required.

Do we have to audition?

All Students are required to audition following registration. Students will be cast based on ability and given a script. They will be expected to attend their first rehearsal fully memorized! 

How long do we Rehearse?

The DramaWorks Performance workshop runs for 9 weeks. Students will rehearse once weekly for 2.5 hours, with one additional rehearsal during performance week. 

Will every student be featured? 

YES! This workshop is still a learning based experience and will give every student the opportunity for featured time on stage. Whether a leading role or a part of our ensemble, every student will have a speaking role or solo during the show. 

Will there be performances?

YES! The students will have the opportunity to perform for an audience two times!. Costumes, set, and props will be minimal, in order to highlight the strengths of each cast member and the educational experience of the workshop. 

Our Team


Rebecca Sigety

Artistic Director

As a leader in the local industry, Rebecca has been educating students and directing children's theater for the past ten years. Rebecca has a passion for helping her students find their home on stage and promoting the importance of arts education for today's youth. 

BW JJ 3_edited.jpg

Julie Johnston

Vocal Director

As a successful Voice Over artist and performer, Julie loves nothing more than working with our students on creating character, building their confidence and teaching them the skills and tools needed to shine on the stage. Her work with our actors goes far beyond singing on the stage, teaching them valuable skills (like a perfect handshake) that will stick with them forever!


Erica Donovan

Choreography Director

As a lifetime dancer and seasoned choreographer, Erica brings dynamic choreography to our stage. Her patience and her desire for students to learn each aspect and step of their choreography ensures that our students will have these skill sets for life. 

The Details

   Workshop Ages:   

5th - 8th Grade 
(Max. 30 Students) 

   Workshop Dates & Times:   

Monday, March 16th: 6:00 - 8:30 PM 


Mondays | 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM  

April 20th - June 22nd 
** No rehearsal on May 25th (Memorial Day)

Dress Rehearsal:
Thursday, June, 25th | 5:00 - 9:00 PM 


Friday, June 26th | 7:00 PM* 
Saturday, June 27th | 2:00 PM* 

*Call Time 1 hour before performance! 


Ticket Cost: 

$0 per ticket! 
Each student will receive a pack of

complimentary tickets to give out to

family and friends for each performance

Registration Opens at 9:00 AM on January 11th, 2020

              Workshop Location:           

 Providence Presbyterian Church   

9005 Little River Turnpike

Fairfax VA




A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is due within one week after you receive your registration confirmation. You will receive an invoice for deposit following registration confirmation. The balance of tuition is due one week before the start of workshops. All payments and forms can be submitted online. (Both credit card and direct bank transfer will be accepted).

DramaWorks is pleased to offer a sibling discount. If more than one student from a single family is enrolled, a $25.00 discount, per workshop, may be applied to the 2nd/3rd student's tuition.  Please contact us for information regarding payment plans. 

The Process


1. Registration 

Workshop registration will open on January 11th at 9 AM. Registration will be first come, first served.

Max. 32 students. 


3. Casting

Students will be placed in a that best fits their personality and abilities. Every role will have a speaking part or solo, giving every student the opportunity to shine! 


5. Rehearsals

Intensive and content heavy rehearsals will provide the tools for our students to give a successful performance in only 9 weeks. With two blocks during each rehearsal, students will spend time blocking, learning choreography and working on vocals with our directing staff. All rehearsals are mandatory. 


2. Auditions

Students will audition with a monologue and song of their choice. Callbacks may be needed to best place students in a role.  


4. Memorization

Memorization is a significant part of the production workshop program. Students will be given a script at auditions and will be expected to memorize their lines ahead of the first rehearsal, just like a broadway production! 


6. Performance

Our two performances will focus solely on content (rather than costumes and set pieces) and will be free for audience members. Each student/family will receive an equal amount of tickets to share with their families and friends. All performances will take place in the gym at Providence Presbyterian Church. 

The Show!